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California State Contractor's License #311690

Price List

Retrofitting Price List || Seismic Valve Price Llist

PRC Mechanical

California State License #311690

Retrofitting Price List
City of Los Angeles
August 1st, 2018

RETROFITTING & Seismic Gas Shutoff ValvesCSL # 311690 C-36, C-16, C-4, C-20

Retrofitting Inspections
a. add $15.00 for each additional unit
  b.  Reinspection Fee (work done by others)          $50.00
DWP Certificate of Compliance
a. Single Family Dwelling/Duplex/Condo
a. Standard 12” Low Flush Toilet w/ installation. (Price for City of LA only) 
b. 10” & 14” Low Flush Toilet w/ installation.  (Price for City of LA only)
starting at $339.00
c. Showerheads
d. Toilet water line
e. Ultra Low Flush Sloan Valve with Bowl
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
a. 10 year Lithium Battery operated Smoke Detector
b. Hard Wire Smoke Detector Replacement
c. Hard Wire New Smoke Detector Installation
starting at $159.00
  d. Carbon monoxide detector $59.00
Water Heater
a. Double Safety Straps w/ installation up to 75 gal.
b. Pressure Relief Valve w/ installation
starting at $75.00
c. Installation of Drain Pipe
starting at $75.00
Window Glazing
a. Standard and Non-Standard Size Door 
starting at   $130.00
*Seismic Gas Shutoff Valve w/ permit if required.* (City of Los Angeles)
a. 3/4” – 1 1/4” standard meter located outside next to home.
b. 1 1/4” high flow for large home
c. Meters under the home, in curbs, covered in bushes etc.
starting at $439.00
d. Field sets / seismic valve braced to posts
starting at $659.00

675 S. Glenwood Place, Burbank, CA  91506

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*Prices may vary per city, please call to verify or see specific valve price list*

PRC Retrofitters

California State License #311690

Seismic Valve Installation Price list by COUNTY
Regular Customers (Agents, Insurance)

August 1st, 2018

Standard Seismic Valve Installation up to 1 1/4”

LA County
*City of Beverly Hills, Culver & Long Beach
City of Santa Monica
Orange & Ventura County
Riverside & San Bernardino County
*City of Palm Springs & Desert Communities
Kern, Santa Barbara & San Diego County

Non-Standard Seismic Valve installations in LA County

City of Beverly Hills, Culver, Long Beach, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County & San Bernardino County ADD $100.00 to prices below.

City of Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Desert Communities, Kern County, Santa Barbara & San Diego County ADD $250.00 to prices below.

1 1/4” High Flow Standard Install
Meter Under Install
$449.00 starting
Field Set w/Post
$659.00 starting
Meter in Curb w/riser
$449.00 starting
Meter in Curb w/no riser
1 1/2” Install
$595.00 starting
2” Install
$795.00 starting
1 1/2” Field Set w/Post
$795.00 starting
2” Field Set w/Post
$1095.00 starting

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CSL # 311690 C-36 C-16 C-4 C-20

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